Fish List

Here you'll find a list of exotic tropical fish that were sourced from only the best! I also work along side local hobbyists that breed rare top quality species! 

Only offering Pick up only - No shipping live fish at the moment. 

Updated videos and images of all current and previous livestock on my Instagram @nextgenaquatics


During renovations fish stock will be limited as tanks are being shut down. 

Renovation Deal - Buy a Trio (3) of Beautiful Yellow Tiger Endlers and your choice of 1 of the 4 Sera Products for only $20. Pick up only. (1 of 4 Sera Products include: Vipagran, San, Vipan Nature, and Flora) 

L260 Queen Arabesque Demo Deal - Selling a total of 7 x L260 Queen Arabesques. They're 1.75-2 inch in size. $40 each or Demo Deal of 7 for $220. 

🐆🐸 L134 Leopard Frog Plecos

Offering some stunning L134's with thick yellow bands! They're 2 inch +/- Asking $65 each or take the group of 11 for only $50 each. Picture of actual fish for sale!